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So I'm still alive and starting to come out of the fog. Wow. Estrogen patch finally did it. Love my e-patch. Signore was incredibly patient thru the whole thing and now we're back at it like teenagers again. ;-)

Just got back from Convergence - science fiction convention. A great time was had by all. It was like, old home week. Ran into *everyone* and a half.

Latest gadget loves: kindle and iphone 3gs. Love em love em love em!

Okay - gotta go buy groceries and cook something for dinner.
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I feel very girly tonight. Wearing a floral cocktail dress in a somewhat clingy fabric with a flouncy skirt, matching yellow lace bra and panties, with a bit of lace from the bra peeking over the decolette of the dress, black kitten-heels with little bows on them, and a huge black hat with ribbons and bows. It matches though - really. And of course, the necklace and earrings Signore got me. And Iris perfume from Odori that we bought in Siena.

We went out to a grand opening of a new Italian restaurant and had a lovely time.
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DS had a bit of a tantrum last Friday but has settled down now. He's started taking the city-bus to school and that's working out way better than me driving him! Yesterday, he missed his first bus so I drove him to the transfer bus. Today he was up and ready to go! (The bus isn't as forgiving about time than mom is.)

I am documenting here that I banged my right hip on the table this morning, so if my hip starts hurting in a few days, i don't have to rely on my faulty memory. I had a really sore hip (left hip) earlier this month and I *think* I banged it on something but dont' remember for sure. ;-)

Signore and I are heading to Italy next week. We're going for a conference and then to tourist in Siena, which I've never seen. That should be nice, assuming the EU doesn't close their borders due to swine flu.


Feb. 28th, 2009 10:52 am
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Okay - so life has been interesting. Mostly, hormonal stuff. My life rocks, but my hormones have been totally off. Finally got the right diagnosis and am now on hormone replacement therapy. A good thing too because I also have osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis) so the HRT will help protect my bones (along with the weightlifting I've been doing all along) and I've started taking calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Signore is awesome, as usual. DS and DD are doing okay in school. DS has a longdistance relationship with someone he met on WoW.

I've been on leave from school this quarter and next to straighten out the medical crap. Been doing a *lot* of flylady stuff to keep from getting overwhelmed and snowed under. I even told my pshrink about flylady. She's planning on letting some of her clients know.

Anyways - that's where I'm at.

Oh - in more recent news, Signore got me a prezzie for valentines day (ordered then anyway). A Kindle 2. I've been reading voraciously since then. Almost done with re-reading the Foundation trilogy. Didn't get much reading yesterday but I expect to finish tonight. Yes, I do read pretty fast.
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Perimenopause sucks mouldy rocks.

Here I am, with a fantastic life - really. Signore is awesome and sweet and incredible and everything. School is really kewl and I'm learning *so* much. My kids are great kids. In short, my life rocks.

So wtf ?

I'm on meds because my f*ing hormones won't let me think straight, and I'm having trouble with concentration, focus, attention, short-term memory, and even bouts of depression. NO FAIR! And on top of it all, I have no libido. Zilch. Nada. Like, "sex drive? What's that?" ME! Ms "the sun rose in the east therefore I'm " Horny. ARGH! This is completely and totally unacceptable.

I'm still, barely, managing to get things done, but if it weren't for flylady, seriously, I would be totally lost. My doc is trying a different medication dosage/delivery for me, so hopefully, that'll help. In the meantime, I'm just pissed about this whole situation. I can't wait for this perimenopause crap to be over so I can get *me* back.
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NBC has called it - projected Barack Hussein Obama as president.


I'm sobbing in joy.
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If you're not an American,ignore this.
Otherwise, please go vote!

If you voted and want to help, find your local barackobama HQ and do "get out the vote calls" to battleground states!
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Barack Obama is pretty awesome!
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Lovely Elise is making shinies for sale. Go see the pretty shinies. Buy them. Pretty! Shiny!

Seriously - Elise makes the most awesome jewelry. And her prices rock, especially during her sales, like, right now!

Stolen from

Jul. 9th, 2008 10:30 pm
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[ profile] grail76
"Someone" reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they’ve printed. It's not the Big Read though -- they don't publish books, and they've only featured these books so far. In any event...
1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you started but did not finish.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own blog so we can try and track down these people who’ve read 6 or less and force books upon them...
[Note that I'm not sure I agree with this list but, be that as it may...]
Read more... )
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Your result for The Fashion Style Test...

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seems we're having to replace all the appliances one by one. Luckily the kitchen has just been remodeled.

so now we're replacing the water heater... we're thinking of the kenmore powermiser 12 50 gallon (we've got a 50 gallon now). the plumber had recommended a "Rheems" 50 gallon but they're way more expensive and shorter warranty period. I don't see the benefit...
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I am exhausted. It's only 10:15am and I'm exhausted from the bathroom remodel. See - this time, we finally had everything ready for them to bring in and install the slab of stone for the vanity. Great. Except:
The stands and the drawer base were not at the same height. This required calls to the Contractor to send his guy over to fix things. We figured out that I really didn't want the metal posts on top of the stands anyways, and so they were able to remove those entirely and then raise the stands because they had feet that could be raised.
So the construction guy goes away and I go downstairs.
The Contractor calls and tells me not to touch the stone over the weekend so the epoxy has time to set.
The stone guys come and say they're done but... they bring me upstairs and say:
oh - this part, needs the wood to be shaved so the sinks will fit. WHAT???
The holes in the stone for the sinks are *NOT* centered above the stands! So of course, the sinks won't fit down into the stands properly.
Mind you, the stone has been epoxyed in place.
The stone guys leave.
Um, now what.
I look at the hideous thing and realize that all that we need to do is to move the stands. BUT - can we?
So I have panicked calls to the stone guys *and* the construction guys to come back and fix things BEFORE the epoxy sets.
Eventually (seems like forever, but was only about 20 minutes), they both come back, and move the stands, and voila! the sinks fit and everything's fine.

BUT WTF do *I* have to figure this stuff out? Why would they even *do* it the other way? I HATE this. I HATE having to suddenly, with no warning, manage the damn bathroom remodel and deal with having to fix things that go wrong that I hired someone to do properly. I mean, this is why I hired the "full-service" guys in the first place so I wouldn't have to come up with instant answers. But he kept forcing me into instant answer situations, so I fired him. And got my own Contractor, Lupe, who is wonderful, to take over and fix things. But this stone guys belonged to the old contractor and were just lazy asses who didn't give a fuck. They were just doing their job (badly) and didn't care whether it was right or not.

If I wasn't a bulldog by nature and stood there looking at the damn thing and trying to figure out what to do and calling people to immediately come back and fix it, we'd have had to *live* with offcenter sinks and stands for however long we owned this house, because once that epoxy set, it would have been a disaster to try to fix things.

And this is stuff that I've been dealing with all along with this remodel.
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So I'm theoretically on spring break. HAH!
I have 3 papers and 1 more art project to finish. (I kinda cut off the corner of my index finger a few weeks ago on another art project so I've been catching up now that it's healing.)

Anyways - in the meantime, I've been having fun with a new discovery: Lillet
Kinda like vermouth, but doesn't get me sick like vermouth does.

Anyways - I fell in love with the HoopLa (a variant of a Sidecar). But I've been experimenting and came up with two really good ones:

noname 1
Jameson Irish Whiskey (half shot)
1 1/2 shots lillet
1 shot cointreau
juice of 1/2 lemon

Corpse Reviver 2 (which I tried tonight and made by "accident")
Add the following to a "shaker" of ice
Shot of gin (bombay sapphire)
shot and a half or two shots of lillet
juice of half a lemon
half shot of cointreau
1 or 2 dashes of absinthe (optional)

stir (don't shake) and strain to pour into a martini glass. Fresh and light tasting and yummy. Not oversweet. Yum!
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Pretty kewl.
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If you haven't watched Obama's victory speech in SC, you should. If you're American, and you haven't voted in the primaries yet, you should watch. If you're not American, and you want to know what it means to be American, you should watch. It's so nice to have a candidate I can vote *for*, rather than having to vote against.
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It's been raining cats and dogs.
I had on my hood and bent to put the grocery bags in the car. the hood of my jacket slipped over my eyes as i bent so i didn't see that the trunk lid was not up all the way, and ran my nose right into it.

i did manage to get the bags into the trunk and the trunk lid closed. then yanked the hankie out of my pocket because i realized that i was bleeding. a lot.

luckily, the rain washed it away...

i walked back into the store and the manager saw me and immediately got me sitting down and brought me ice and asked if I needed him to call someone. I said no - I just wanted to be somewhere there were people while I figured out if I'd broken it.

Eventually, it stopped bleeding.

So I went home.

I did muse about the potential conversation if I went in to my doc about my nose *again*. (I had run into the door and thought I'd broken it, about a year ago.) Did x-rays and everything...

"Are you sure your husband isn't beating you?"
"oh - not nearly enough."
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So I'm feeling a little better today.

Things that are good in my life:
my son
my daughter
my kitten Emily
my cat Rowdy
my LJ friends
a couple classmates
a couple teachers
material things are generally pretty good

oh, and did I mention Signore?
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For those of you who knit: is there a website with a good description and photos of how to carry two colors of yarn through a simple sampler? I'm using blue and yellow yarn to make a "illusion" of green, and can't remember how to carry the other color thru best or easiest. (It's been a LOOOONG time.)

This is for a class btw. Thanks for any help.
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