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So I made the most awesome dinner last night. Knee-weakening level awesome. And so simple!

Documenting here so I can remember how to do it for the future...
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I sliced it thin and it was OMG perfectly rare/medium rare. Signore and I finished off a pound of it (and he's not a big meat eater). The wine was perfect and the simple sides of toast and salad set everything off nicely. (I even added a nasturtium flower to "dress up" the salad.) It helps to have great ingredients. But yeah, it turned out so incredibly good. Ahhhhh...

We ate out back in our garden, with the waterfall on one side, flowers everywhere, and the climbing rose on the other side. Windchimes provided music. A hummingbird stood in the air above us for a time and then zipped off. The new patio lights came on toward the end of the meal (twilight was starting). I can't imagine a more perfect dinner.
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smooth and light like soave on the start
slightly bitter note on the finish.
perfect with asparagus and pancetta
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insalata caprese (mozzarella in little bites, heirloom cherry tomatos, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with basil and salt) as antipasto
Italian long bread
spaghetti with arugula/pinenut pesto and freshly grated parmiggiano reggiano and olive oil
Bear Ridge Sauvignon Blanc
pitted cherries and raspberries in pear-raspberry champagne vinegar

I was thinking of a sauce for the pasta, that I'll just have to make tomorrow:
guanciale, snap peas, sauteed with red onion, and mebbe some chili flakes. It just sounds yummy. He didn't want to try it tonight. He's so funny when I tell him about ideas for coooking - but when I just cook and he tries it, 9 times out of 10 he's complimentary.

So I was just napping briefly after dinner, (didn't sleep well last night) and dreamed I was on Iron Chef America! As one of the chefs! Scary.
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Full and round in the mouth, with flavors of cherry and plum. But a dry red, not sweet. That's *my* description, which it's really funny to discover the bottle claims "cherry and plum". Wow!

I'm serving it with Pasta Puttanesca.

I got new glasses yesterday, big round ones that give room for the wine flavor to fill up the glass.

EDIT: the flavor mellowed nicely while breathing for about an hour. I served it with the puttanesca which in this case was a very deep olive base sauce, not spicy. (although it would have been okay with a bit of spiciness.) This wine would be good with a very rich, savory, deep flavor, that needs to be rounded but not conflicted with. This isn't a zinfandel spicy wine, it's not sweet, but smooth and fills the mouth nicely, bringing the flavor up to the roof of the mouth - the pasta sauce bringing it very deep and the wine lifting it. Nice pairing.

Hrmmm - I could actually see this with a pate. Something savory and rich. Or maybe even with a good goulash. It's too smooth and velvety to be good for something that needs to be spiced up or the oily/fatty taste cut through. Not acidic at all.
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Okay - so I've got a bottle here that claims:
mulberry, spice, earthy notes with medium body & zesty finish, great with braised meats, cured meats, or hearty mushrooms.

So far, I'm in love - it tastes yummy even out of the bottle, but I've decanted it and am letting it breathe for at least a half hour. I'm planning on serving it with a chanterelle/garlic/tomato/rosemary sauce on Orechiette pasta.
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he had me chill the Vernaccia di San Gramigna, claiming that would be perfect. I'm sure it will. I also want to experiment though with other wines that go well with pastas.
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Okay - I'm going to start taking notes on wines. Just so I have somewhere to put it.

This was a spicy zin, but far too oaky for Signore's tastes. It went well IN the sausage and mushroom sauce (with dried porcini mushrooms added) but he didn't like it as a drinking wine.


Oh and I got a wine rack today. 4x11 rows. It's almost full. And that's besides the wines that are in the fridge already...


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