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I am exhausted. It's only 10:15am and I'm exhausted from the bathroom remodel. See - this time, we finally had everything ready for them to bring in and install the slab of stone for the vanity. Great. Except:
The stands and the drawer base were not at the same height. This required calls to the Contractor to send his guy over to fix things. We figured out that I really didn't want the metal posts on top of the stands anyways, and so they were able to remove those entirely and then raise the stands because they had feet that could be raised.
So the construction guy goes away and I go downstairs.
The Contractor calls and tells me not to touch the stone over the weekend so the epoxy has time to set.
The stone guys come and say they're done but... they bring me upstairs and say:
oh - this part, needs the wood to be shaved so the sinks will fit. WHAT???
The holes in the stone for the sinks are *NOT* centered above the stands! So of course, the sinks won't fit down into the stands properly.
Mind you, the stone has been epoxyed in place.
The stone guys leave.
Um, now what.
I look at the hideous thing and realize that all that we need to do is to move the stands. BUT - can we?
So I have panicked calls to the stone guys *and* the construction guys to come back and fix things BEFORE the epoxy sets.
Eventually (seems like forever, but was only about 20 minutes), they both come back, and move the stands, and voila! the sinks fit and everything's fine.

BUT WTF do *I* have to figure this stuff out? Why would they even *do* it the other way? I HATE this. I HATE having to suddenly, with no warning, manage the damn bathroom remodel and deal with having to fix things that go wrong that I hired someone to do properly. I mean, this is why I hired the "full-service" guys in the first place so I wouldn't have to come up with instant answers. But he kept forcing me into instant answer situations, so I fired him. And got my own Contractor, Lupe, who is wonderful, to take over and fix things. But this stone guys belonged to the old contractor and were just lazy asses who didn't give a fuck. They were just doing their job (badly) and didn't care whether it was right or not.

If I wasn't a bulldog by nature and stood there looking at the damn thing and trying to figure out what to do and calling people to immediately come back and fix it, we'd have had to *live* with offcenter sinks and stands for however long we owned this house, because once that epoxy set, it would have been a disaster to try to fix things.

And this is stuff that I've been dealing with all along with this remodel.


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