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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:California, United States of America
I've been into bdsm all my life, but didn't know others actually did this stuph for real until my mid-20s. I had several different play partners, and really enjoy SM but didn't feel satisfied until I discovered 24/7 D/s. I was in formal training for several years with an awesome Trainer prior to being claimed by my Owner.

My Owner, who I call Signore, is brilliant, witty, romantic, fantastic in bed, a delightfully twisted heavy sadist, and an amazing Master. He has a grasp of ownership that I've never experienced - he knows what he wants and can twirl me around his little finger to get me to want to give it to him, whatever it is. I'm so honored and grateful to belong to him.

NEWS: We've relocated in late March 2005, from Italy to California. Yay for new places and new experiences.

About my journal:

This is a place for me to process and track my daily life and thoughts and emotions and workouts... Since all of my life belongs to him, it's also a record of my slavery, but it may not appear bdsm-y to some folks at some times. Our D/s path is on the rather extreme side - I am his owned property and have no limits and no right to leave. Some posts may reflect this, and some may be extremely graphic. If this concerns you, don't read it.

Comments that are intended to be helpful or curious or comparing views (including "wow, that wouldn't work for me") are welcome. Comments that express YKINOKism (your kink is not okay) will not be tolerated. Many things here may not be to others' tastes or fit your ethical/moral/ spiritual path. I'm okay with that. But this is *my* journal, in service to my Owner, and only he gets to disapprove of what I may write here.

Friending: anyone who would like to add me to their "friends" list is welcome to do so. Letting me know if you do is great - I love reading other folks' journals when I have time. I don't promise to read others' journals however. My recreational online time may be limited without notice by my Owner at any time he chooses.

On gender-neutral pronouns: I prefer sie and hir over "he or she" and "him or her" or "they". This has nothing to do with the person being described is male, female, transgender, multigender, or a genderless plushie named Fnord. For whatever reason, I may choose to avoid specifying someone's gender. If so, I'll most likely use sie and hir.

On capitalization: generally, I write very flow of thought and don't capitalize unless it's necessary for clarity, or when I'm using a name. I reserve the right to write in uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, or CamelCase in my journal.


all which isn't singing is mere talking
and all talking's talking to oneself
(whether that oneself be sought or seeking
master or disciple sheep or wolf)

gush to it as diety or devil
-toss in sobs and reasons threats and smiles
name it cruel fair or blessed evil-
it is you (ne i)nobody else

drive dumb mankind dizzy with haranguing
-you are deafened every mother's son-
all is merely talk which isn't singing
and all talking's to oneself alone

but the very song of(as mountains
feel and lovers)singing is silence

ee cummings
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