Jan. 25th, 2008

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It's been raining cats and dogs.
I had on my hood and bent to put the grocery bags in the car. the hood of my jacket slipped over my eyes as i bent so i didn't see that the trunk lid was not up all the way, and ran my nose right into it.

i did manage to get the bags into the trunk and the trunk lid closed. then yanked the hankie out of my pocket because i realized that i was bleeding. a lot.

luckily, the rain washed it away...

i walked back into the store and the manager saw me and immediately got me sitting down and brought me ice and asked if I needed him to call someone. I said no - I just wanted to be somewhere there were people while I figured out if I'd broken it.

Eventually, it stopped bleeding.

So I went home.

I did muse about the potential conversation if I went in to my doc about my nose *again*. (I had run into the door and thought I'd broken it, about a year ago.) Did x-rays and everything...

"Are you sure your husband isn't beating you?"
"oh - not nearly enough."


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